About Us

Bacose Ethiopia Import is an import company with capacity, experience, and unbridled passion based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Our company is currently engaged in the following different Import Business Line Units (BsLU): 

  • Laboratory Equipment Business Line
  • IT and Networking Business line,
  • Electro Mechanical Works Business Line
  • Generators and Pumps Business Line
  • Street Lights Business Line
  • Solar Power System Business Line
  • Office Furniture Business Line

Bacose Ethiopia Import has achieved an accelerated growth in this business lines since its establishment.

In summary, our business has the appropriate legal form, resources, values and management team to succeed. The combined effect of these factors provides a strong foundation to achieve a robust and profitable business.


Our management team have the experience and competencies to deliver the targets they have set themselves. They are also committed to growing the business by providing excellent customer service and building a strong credible brand. This will be demonstrated through their trustworthy relations with customers and other stakeholders. The management team take their responsibility seriously and are committed to an ethical approach to business.

Why Choose Us

Thanks to our dedicated employees at all levels who has brought this achievement. Our company has a strong base on customer orientation as it is reflected in our mission statements and corporate core values. Hence, we are working every time to satisfy customers. We call upon our existing clients and interested new ones to work with us and enjoy the following benefits:

High Quality Product

Unmatched Expertise

Precise Result

Qualified Staff



latest equipment, central location, efficient machinery, exclusive access to stock.


Motivated team, friendly staff, skilled & well qualified man power.

Product / Services

High quality product & service, low cost, innovative service

Our Strategy

Bacose Ethiopia Import has the objective of expanding its business lines and achieving an accelerated growth over the next five years. The management team has identified key steps to achieve the five year objective and exploit the identified opportunities. These will be systematically implemented over the period. The selection and sequence of these actions has been carefully chosen to produce the full potential of the business opportunity and ensure that the targets are achieved. The management team will continuously monitor the business performance against the targets and make necessary adjustments. At all times the focus will be on achieving the key objectives.

In summary, we clearly identified opportunities and a systematic plan with clearly articulated stages to achieve its five year objectives.


Meet Our Team

Abirham Abay

General Manager

Abayneh Assefa

Finance & Administration Manager

Bazezew Belay

Procurement & Supply Manager

simeneh demelash

Project Manager

Biniam Eyene

Marketing & Business Development Manager


Addis Ababa, Akaki-kality sub-city, Woreda 1, Ethiopia

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iinfo@bacosethiopia.com infobacose2016@gmail.com General Manager: Abirham Abay

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